Surveying dry stone construction sites

Simple tachymeter for spatial measurement

An old wild theodolite DKM-1 combined with a modern laser distance meter is a simple tachymeter.

Horizontal and vertical angle of the target points on the theodolite shown, and the distance of the laser Disatnzmesser.

, The measured values (polar coordinates) must now be converted into X/Y/Z coordinates. Then the values as a CSV file with a Ruby script in a 3D CAD software can be read and processed to a 3D-Projektplan.

Photogrammetry by dry-stone walls

With a digital photo camera photos individual measuring points and even the surface of a dry stone wall can be reconstructed photogrammetrically. This procedure can be used to measure the deformation of existing walls.

Step 1: take two photos with low displacement. Import the photos in the software Photomodeler scanner.

    Mark step 2: identical measuring points on two photos to the orientation of the images. Measuring the shift of points marked on two photos against each other allows the calculation of the spatial coordinates.

      Step 3: the calculated points can be processed further in a 3D CAD system.

        Step 4: Photomodeler scanner can reconstruct the surface of the photographed objects. This surface can be further edited in a 3D CAD program.

          Step 5: In the CAD program cuts can be created.

            Step 6: view and cuts, represented in a plan.