Natural stone masonry

Construction of traditional dry stone masonry stone

in the construction of traditional dry stone masonry 600 to 700 per square meter surface will be typically labour costs of CHF. Construction site set-up, the stones, machinery, and transportation costs must be calculated separately depending on the construction site.

Documentation cost factors (de)

natural stone masonry with lime mortar

construction of stone masonry with lime mortar. Execution of traditional plastering with limestone mortar.


  I organize trainings, courses and workshops for the construction of dry-stone walls for groups or individuals as an introduction to the craft of the dry walls. I organize some courses together with the Swiss Federation of the dry stone Mason SVTSM. The current programme can be downloaded on the Federation website.


Planning and concepts

  I work out concepts and plans for dry stone walls and lime mortar projects.


Quality control and construction management

  I create reports, monitor the quality of construction and accompany dry wall construction sites as construction leader.


Presentations and journal articles

  I hold lectures and write articles about the topic of dry stone masonry