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Drystone Lidar Measurements

Measuring, documenting and monitoring deformations on dry stone walls


When inspecting existing dry stone walls, it can be important to be able to measure the deformation of the visible surface as precisely as possible. If the measurements are repeated at regular intervals, it is possible to check whether the deformation is progressing, for example whether a bulge is getting bigger. Professional 3D scanners are prohibitively expensive for normal dry masons. A DIY scanner has therefore been developed that delivers sufficiently accurate 2D results. This 2D scanner can be used to capture both vertical and horizontal profiles on dry stone walls.

A commercially available 2D lidar with a range of 30m is used. It is suspended vertically on a gimbal joint. As the laser of the lidar is not visible, a small cross line laser is added for precise positioning. The whole system is mounted on a tripod and can be used in the field.

The data from the Lidar measurements can be visualized with a CAD program.